Royal Beauty World Cup 2019

“Royal Beauty World Cup” or “RBWC” is not just a Beauty competition; it is an event that carries meaning in it. “RBWC” is designed for people across different nations to see that people of all countries can live in peace and show the different sides of different cultures. “Royal Beauty World Cup” is all set to be held in Dubai, UAE. The country is a global hub, where on a daily basis people meet and deal with others of different on a daily basis people meet and deal with others of different nationalities, cultures, and beliefs. We aim to put all of those people together, to let one know more about the culture of the people we see every day, either its hour neighbor, workmate or just a stranger that we met outside

Our Mission

We believe that respect and knowledge of other culture is a necessity nowadays. However, other than culture there is an importance of sports and healthy lifestyle in our everyday life. “ Royal Beauty World Cup” is aimed to introduce importance of the active life style, spiral development, along with the respect towards his and other cultures. The competition will show the viewers how sports and culture can go hand to hand

Stage One

Model Selection

The first stage of “ Royal Beauty World Cup 2019” was held online, where winners of various beauty contests were allowed to participate. Participants from different countries were selected and invited to the interview with the professionals in model and beauty industry after which the final 25 models have been selected

Stage Two

Invited Dinner

For the first time the girls will be all placed in one room where they will get a chance to communicate with each other, get to know each other better and will get an opportunity to discuss on topic “ traditions of their family”, they will demonstrate the principles of the basic etiquette. The dinner is aimed to strengthen their mutual relationships with each other and to strengthen collective so that we have a healthy competitio

Stage Three

Beauty Classes

The essential requirement for participants is an impeccable image and style. Leading cosmetology salons, dental clinics, fashion and beauty industry professionals will be working with the girls. The girls will have classes of how to properly look after themselves and all will be held in online for the audience to view the process note something for themselves and to choose their star.
By the end of the beauty classes there will be a winner of this stage selected, the choice will be for audience to mak

Stage Four

Charity Event “Beauty Will Save The World”

For the first time all the participants will be presented to audience in live. The event will be held to raise funds to pay for the operation of the kids that are fighting with death, other investment will be made in low developed countries, for the development of sports.
Founds raising will happen by the auction, where our partners get a chance to sell their goods, introduce the goods to the audience and let audience decide on how much to pay for it.
Another founds raising event, is a seminar from our models on the topics of healthy life and Another founds raising event, is a seminar from our models on the topics of healthy life and sports, where models will answer the questions of the special diets, and trainings and will make few group sessions in the gym where people can participate